Jo-Ann Barton is a seasoned song writer. She began performing in clubs in the New York metropolitan area. Once her notebooks were filled with original material, she knew she was destined for more. In 1996 Jo-Ann signed with MVP Music, an independent label in New Jersey. After two releases she had developed quite a following and had received wide acclaim in the indie world. In 2000 she moved to a new label, Magical Music Entertainment, and released “Pop & Circumstances”.

Growing up in a household where music was playing all the time (from Elvis to Ozzy), Jo-Ann was sure to become a singer/songwriter. She was born in Newark, NJ, and was raised in Harrison, NJ. She still resides in, and considers New Jersey her home. Jo-Ann is something of a local hero in the town of Harrison, known for her undying effort, hard work and love of music.

She is also a hero in Plymouth, PA. When the self-titled CD “Jo-Ann Barton” was released in 1996, it contained a song about this quaint Pennsylvania town, titled “Plymouth”. One evening a live performance in this town created quite a stir. There were television news crews, reporters and a packed house (oh, what a night). A possible reunion concert is tentatively scheduled for March, 2001 (to be announced).

Jo-Ann has had several songs in independent movies, with four soundtracks to her credit as well. Movies such as “The Sandman”, “”Psycho Sisters”, “The Ironbound Vampire”, and the recently released “Dear Diary”. Jo-Ann also has a role in this film as a musician (what a stretch).

Several songs on “Pop & Circumstances” were inspired by Jo-Ann’s job on Wall Street in New York City; “Money” (obviously), and “Slow Day in the City”, inspired by one early morning when the City’s streets were actually empty (can you believe that?). And “Weekend” and “Escape” were written about and for anyone who works for a living (can you relate?).

“Pop & Circumstances” is available on, finer music stores, and through this website. See the “contact” page for information on how to purchase this and other Jo Ann Barton CDs.

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